Domaine La Blaque


"La Blaque is a truly exceptional terroir" insists Gilles Delsuc. "The microclimate as well as the diversity and orientation of the vineyard are perfect. The Domaine enjoys nearly 320 days of sun per year and experiences significant variations in temperature between the night and day (due to the altitude) making for ideal conditions for the grapes to mature. This environment makes it possible to start picking the fruit in mid-September. The soil is composed of clay-limestone but varies from chalky limestone to heavier clay. These represent excellent conditions for Mediterranean winegrowing.".

Vineyards managed with respect

The Domaine managed according to the principles of organic production, all operations such as ploughing and weeding are carried out mechanically or by hand in order to obtain premium quality grapes. The yield is also limited to 35 - 40 hl/ha.

Red P.D.O varietals:
Syrah, Grenache black, Carignan and Cinsault.
White P.D.O varietals:
Vermentino, Grenache white, Roussanne and Viognier.
IGP (Protected Designation of Origin):
le Pinot noir for red and le viognier for right. 
Stock implantation density:
4,000 vine stocks per hectare. This is the traditional method that allows sufficient space for the vine stocks to draw water from. Pruning :
"Guyot" and "Cordon de Royat" pruning methods are used depending on the varietals. Cordon de Royat pruning is the most frequently used (90 %).
The vineyard is implanted mainly on hillsides facing south, at an altitude between 420 and 550 m.
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